Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Restoration & Balance of Fundamental Determinants of Health

Mind-Body Connection

Biofeedback & Sound Healing (Bio-Resonance Therapy)

Botanical Medicine

Western Herbal Traditions and Medical Mycology


Nature Cure

Footpath Reflexology & Hydrotherapy; as taught and practiced in Bad W├Ârishofen, Germany; modeled after the tradition of Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), historically considered to be one of the most influential founding figures responsible for the underlying tenets informing the holistic practice of naturopathic medicine.

I also teach Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese Art of Forest Bathing/Walking Meditation.


Nurture Your Nature

Environmental Medicine & Functional Genomics: exploring the comprehensive contextual relationship from within and without between your unique molecular physiology and modifiable individual-specific internal and external parameters.

Nurture Your Spirit

Promoting healing and recovery through grief and trauma counsel.